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Informed Consent

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The informed consent process gives potential subjects a description of the study that is clear and complete enough for the individual to judge whether she or he wants to participate. The standard expectation is that all subjects will sign a document containing all the elements of informed consent.

Fox Chase Cancer Center uses common consent form templates. While consent forms may vary from one study to another, they all include the same basic information:

  • The Reason for the Study
    A description of what you, the participant, understand to be the purpose of the clinical trial or other research for which you have volunteered.
  • What You Can Expect
    What you can expect, and what is expected of you, in this study regarding
    • treatment
    • possible side effects
    • the length of the study
  • Baseline
    Before the trial or study begins, each participant will be tested to get a view of the condition of the participant. This baseline is used both to confirm the participant's eligibility and to help judge the results later.
  • Privacy
    Your rights as a patient will be respected. These rights will be stated in detail on the form.
  • Where You Can Find Study Results
    In a clinical trial, the participant will likely be kept informed of the trial results as things continue. In other types of group studies, research results might not be available until after participation has completed. It may be necessary to obtain the results when they are published some time later.

By signing this form the research participant indicates that he or she has been fully informed of all aspects of the research study.

After completing the form, participants will continue to receive updates, as appropriate.

For more information, please call the IRB office at 215-214-3754.