Cancer Fatigue Program

Fatigue, or feeling tired, is a common side effect of cancer treatments.

For many people, fatigue improves and goes away completely when treatments are over.

For others, it lasts longer and may affect your concentration, your energy levels and your activities.

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Exercise is one way to help manage and improve fatigue.

You can also try a mindfulness approach. Mindfulness is learning how to be more self-aware and focused. It can help you make clear choices and deal with fatigue in a productive way.

Fox Chase has a program to help with fatigue using both exercise and mindfulness. The program also includes advice on diet and lifestyle that can assist with improving fatigue.

Who should join the program?

  • Anyone who has received or is receiving treatment for cancer and:
    • has fatigue that gets in the way of activities, exercise, or thinking.
    • can walk at least 10 minutes in a row.

What can I expect if I join?

  • A 12-week program of group exercise, talks, and mindfulness sessions
  • Individualized instructions on exercises to do at home
  • Guest speakers who will talk about the best ways to deal with fatigue caused by treatment

What else do I need to know?

  • This program runs twice a year in the spring and fall
  • A note from your physician stating that you can safely participate in an exercise program is required.
  • The cost is $60. Financial assistance is available to qualifying participants.

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Here’s what people who participated in the program have said about it:

“I have gone to the gym for the first time. I mowed the lawn for the first time. My walking is great! And I enjoy life. Thank you!”

“Loved the program. Hate doing exercise, but did not mind it in a group. Both of you have been great!”

“This was eye-opening. I didn’t think I could do as much as you got me to do. I will try to keep at it. Thank you!”

“The program was very informative. I’m very glad I joined. I would recommend it to anyone in my support group. I learned a lot from this program.”



Fatigue Program
Fall Session 2015
September 1 - November 17, 2015
Tuesdays 4-6PM

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Fox Chase Offers New Cancer Fatigue Program

March 2012

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