Diagnostic Imaging: Mammography

Our full-field digital mammography system with computer-aided detection (CAD) revolutionizes breast care.

It helps physicians look for early warning signs of breast cancer to detect and diagnose it earlier and more accurately.


Research shows that digital mammography is superior to conventional film mammography in certain groups of women:

  • Women with dense breasts
  • Women under age 50
  • Premenopausal or perimenopausal (near menopause) women

For all other women, film and digital mammograms have been shown to have very similar screening accuracy. Film mammography is still the more commonly used of the two.

Both digital and conventional film mammography use X-rays to create an image of the breast. Digital mammography takes electronic images stored directly on a computer; conventional mammography uses film.

Benefits of Digital Mammography:

  • Images are clearer and easier to read
  • Improved ease of image access, transmission, retrieval and storage because the images are electronic
  • Ability to enhance or magnify the images during the reading process, which also results in fewer unnecessary return visits or callbacks
  • Less radiation use than film mammography (however, the dose in film mammography is quite low and poses no significant danger to patients)
  • Availability of software to help radiologists interpret digital mammograms
  • Telemammography - sending digital mammograms electronically for interpretation in a remote location

Medical Records and Film Library

Obtain a copy of your diagnostic films from:

Fox Chase Cancer Center
Medical Records
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Philadelphia, PA 19111-2497
215-728-3879 Fax Number: 215-214-1663

Release form for Mammography Films [PDF]


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