Gastroenterology Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Gastroenterology Services include:

  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Treating Early Stage Cancer
  • Screening for Colonoscopy

Whether you've been diagnosed with gastrointestinal disease, are at increased risk of disease, or have cancer, you have access to some of the area's finest gastroenterologists at Fox Chase Cancer Center.

The Gastroenterology physicians at Fox Chase Cancer Center provide a full array of diagnostic, therapeutic and consultative gastrointestinal services to patients with and without cancer. Patients new to Fox Chase are welcome.

Our physicians have extensive expertise in cancer screening, cancer prevention and in treating diseases that increase cancer risk.
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We provide cutting edge endoscopic services to diagnose, to cure or to palliate disease anywhere in the GI tract.

Screening to prevent cancer should be part of routine healthcare

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  • ScreeningFor people at average risk, screening to prevent cancer should be part of routine healthcare. For example, colon cancer screening (colonoscopy) should begin for most people at age 50. Our team of gastroenterologists is more experienced at performing these routine tests, increasing the accuracy of these important tests.
  • Open Access Endoscopy — Fox Chase offers Open Access Endoscopy services for referring physicians. Call 215-214-1421.
  • Risk AssessmentOur gastroenterologists work closely with the Risk Assessment team to prevent cancer in patients with higher risk factors.
    • Family History of GI Disease — People with a family history of gastrointestinal (GI) cancer are at increased risk of developing GI cancer.
    • Personal History of GI DiseaseMany other gastrointestinal diseases can increase the risk of cancer in the GI tract and the liver. Those at risk include patients with acid reflux disease, inflammatory bowel disease and chronic hepatitis. In addition to expert clinical care, Fox Chase patients have access to research trials intended to reduce the risk of disease progression and cancer development.
  • Diagnostic Testing We offer the area's broadest array of endoscopic technologies including endoscopic ultrasound, ERCP with Spyglass technologies, double balloon enteroscopy, and a wide array of Barretts' esophagus ablation techniques.

    Patients who have undergone diagnostic testing elsewhere are commonly referred to Fox Chase's gastroenterologists for a second opinion.
  • Curing Early StageIncreasingly, gastroenterologists can cure existing early stage cancer using endoscopy only. We have extensive experience with endoscopic mucosal resection and other tissue ablation techniques that may limit the need for any radiation, surgery or chemotherapy treatments.
  • Palliative CareFor patients who have cancer affecting their GI tract that cannot be completely removed, our team of GI specialists has vast experience with esophageal, biliary, pancreatic, small and large bowel stent placement, and enteral feeding tube placement to improve quality of life.
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Dr. Michael Hall talks about the High Risk Colon Cancer Clinic, part of the Gastrointestinal Cancer Risk Assessment program at Fox Chase Cancer Center. (1 min.)

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