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World's Leading Medical Journals Publish Kidney (Renal) Cancer Research Done at Fox Chase

Fox Chase doctors are national leaders in kidney cancer (renal cancer) research. Their work, written up in numerous academic papers and book chapters, appears in the world's leading journals and publications.

Robert G Uzzo, MD, FACS, regularly presents on and writes about kidney cancer at the regional, national and international levels. Dr. Uzzo is an active member of the Kidney Cancer Association Medical Advisory Board and the Kidney Advisory Council of the American Foundation for Urologic Diseases.

In Press

Crispen PL, Uzzo RG: Active Surveillance of Clinically Localized Sporadic Renal Cell Carcinoma American Urologic Association Update Series. (in press)

Chawla S, Uzzo RG: Active Surveillance of Localized Renal Tumors. In Clinical management of renal cell carcinoma. (R Bukowski and A. Novick (eds)) (in press)

Uzzo RG: The role of angioinfarction the management of renal tumors. In Clinical management of renal cell carcinoma. (R Bukowski and A. Novick (eds)) (in press)


Matin SF, Ahrar K, Cadeddu JA, Gervais DA, McGovern FJ, Zagoria RA, Uzzo RG, Haaga J, Resnick MI, Kaouk J, Gill IS: Residual and Recurrent Disease following renal energy ablative therapy: implications for management a multi-institutional study J Urol (submitted)

Kunkle DA, Crispen PL, Chen DY, Greenberg RE, Uzzo RG: Enhancing Renal Masses with Zero Net Growth During Active Surveillance J Urol (submitted)

Halbert RJ, Figlin RA, Atkin MB, Bernal M, Hutson TE, Uzzo RG, Bukowski RM, Khan KD, Motzer RJ, Wood CG, Gearhart BL, Dubois R: Treatments for Patients with Metastatic Renal Cell Cancer: A Rand Appropriateness Panel Cancer. (submitted)


Robb VA, Karbowniczek M, Klein-Szanto AJ, and Henske EP. Activation of the mTOR signaling pathway in renal clear cell carcinomas. Journal of Urology 2007; 177: 346-52.


Chawla S, Crispen P, Hanlon A, Greenberg RE, Chen D, Uzzo RG: The natural history of enhancing renal masses: A meta-analysis and review of the world literature. J Urol. 175 (2): 425-31, 2006.

Ibanez de Caceres, I., Dulaimi, E., Hoffman, A.M., Al-Saleem, T., Uzzo, R.G. Cairns, P. Identification of Novel Target Genes by an Epigenetic Reactivation Screen of Renal Cancer Research, 66 (10); 5021, 2006.


Neumann HPH, Henske EP, Iliopoulos O, and Glaesker S. Renal Involvement in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex and von Hippel Lindau Disease. 2005. In Oxford Textbook of Clinical Nephrology, 3rd Edition. A Davison, S Cameron, JP Grunfeld, C Ponticelli, C VanYpersele, and C Winearls Editors, Oxford University Press. Pages 2397-2406.

Uzzo RG: Does pathological stage affect the prognosis for patients with clinically staged T1 renal cell carcinoma. Nature Clinical Practice Urology 2 (5): 211-213, 2005.

Uzzo RG: Renal Cell Carcinoma: Urologists in a New Era J Urol. 174: 1723, 2005.

Dougherty J, Uzzo RG: Case in Point: Bilateral large renal masses in a 52 year old female. Renal and Urology News. 4 (2): 1, 2005.

Viterbo R, Greenberg RE, Al-Saleem T, Uzzo RG: Prior Abdominal Surgery and Radiation Do Not Complicate the Retroperitoneoscopic Approach to the Kidney or Adrenal Gland. J Urol. 174 (2): 446-450, 2005.


Henske EP. The genetic basis of kidney cancer: Why is Tuberous Sclerosis Complex often overlooked? Current Molecular Medicine 2004; 4:825-31.

Uzzo RG, Bramwell M: Renal cell carcinoma: The role of urologists in adjuvant strategies. Am J Urol Review: Supp 11, vol 12, 2004

Dulaimi E, de Caceres I, Uzzo RG, Al-Saleem T, Greenberg RE, Polasick T, Babb JS, Cairns P: Promoter hypermethylation profile of kidney cancer. Clin Canc. Res. 10(12): 3972-79, 2004.

Mueller TJ, Wu H, Greenberg RE, Hudes G, Topham N, Lessin SR, Uzzo RG: Cutaneous metastases from genitourinary malignancies Urol 63(6): 1021-6, 2004.

Yamaguchi K, Uzzo RG, Finke JH, Kolenko V: Renal carcinoma cells undergo apoptosis without oligonucleospmal DNA fragmentation. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 318 (3):710, 2004.

Al-Saleem T, Cairns P, Dulaimi EA, Feder M, Testa JR, Uzzo RG: The genetics of renal oncocytosis: A possible model for neoplastic progression. Cancer Genet. Cytogenet. 152 (1):23-8, 2004.

Links to Articles on PubMed

Pubmed provides access to kidney cancer-related articles Fox Chase doctors who specialize in treating kidney cancer and other genitourinary cancers. Pubmed's list is not inclusive of all published work by these authors.

To find an author's work, go to Pubmed and search for one of the following physicians by last name:

  • Tahseen I Al-Saleem, MD
  • Paul Cairns, PhD
  • David YT Chen, MD
  • Richard Greenberg, MD
  • Elizabeth Petri Henske, MD
  • Gary Hudes, MD
  • Stuart Lessin, MD
  • Neal Topham, MD
  • Robert Uzzo, MD

For more information about genitourinary cancer treatment and prevention at Fox Chase Cancer Center or to make an appointment, please call 1-888-FOX CHASE (1-888-369-2427).