Lung Cancer Screening / Detection and Prevention Program

For People at High Risk of Lung Cancer

For individuals at high-risk for lung cancer, Fox Chase Cancer Center offers lung cancer screening to detect the signs of lung cancer. This includes partnership programs with local labor unions for members at risk due to environmental factors such as asbestos exposure.

Low-Dose CT Scan Screening Service for Lung Cancer

Find lung cancers early when they may be more treatable

A recent National Study of Lung Cancer from the National Institute of Health found that screening for lung cancer using low-dose chest CT scan can lower the chances of dying from lung cancer by 20%.

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New Technology Allows Less Invasive Diagnostic Lung Procedures

Small tumors located in the outer area of the pulmonary tract and lungs are difficult and risky to reach for diagnosis and treatment. Lung cancer treatment centers such as Fox Chase have a new tool that allows doctors to diagnose these tumors precisely. Our lung cancer specialists can do this while reducing the risk of complications caused by routine procedures. The FDA-approved technology, called superDimensionBronchus, has clearly improved the accuracy of lung cancer diagnosis.

The superDimensionBronchus allows physicians to do a minimally-invasive exam, even if the tumor is located in a difficult-to-reach part of the lung. The technology transforms traditional bronchoscopy into a high-tech outpatient procedure. The probe is guided remotely and electromagnetically in real time with a 3-dimensional CT (computed tomography) scan of the entire lungs, including areas beyond the bronchoscope's reach.

More Accurate Results Than Ever Before

Conventional CT-guided bronchoscopy uses 2-dimensional technology, which is not as dependable as the new equipment. After receiving inconclusive results, patients often ended up with higher-risk, more invasive procedures. Using superDimensionBronchus, Fox Chase doctors can more easily locate the suspicious mass and obtain tissue samples.

The superDimensionBronchus is especially beneficial for patients with small, early-stage tumors often found by chance.

Safer Diagnosis of Lung Tumors

Most lung tumors are detected by an X-ray or CT scan of the abdomen or chest for unrelated problems, or through a lung cancer screening program. The superDimensionBronchus provides a safer and much less invasive method to accurately diagnose a lung problem. Fox Chase researchers also will study the use of this equipment in delivering highly localized therapy to cancerous lung tumors.

Improving Delivery of Radiation Therapy

The superDimensionBronchus helps radiation oncologists deliver radiation treatment more accurately. Precise treatment prevents damage to the surrounding lung tissue. In 2007, this approach will be evaluated in a clinical study at Fox Chase Cancer Center.

Interventional Pulmonology

Fox Chase Cancer Center's Pulmonary Cancer Detection and Prevention Program provides early detection and treatment of lung cancer in smokers, people exposed to asbestos and others at increased risk for lung cancer.

Interventional pulmonology is a relatively new field within pulmonary medicine. It uses advanced bronchoscopic and pleuroscopic techniques to treat a variety of thoracic (chest) disorders ranging from tracheobronchial obstruction and stenosis to pleural effusions associated with cancerous lung tumors.


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