Early Stage Lung Cancer Treatment

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More Experience and Better Outcomes
for Early Stage Lung Cancer

As a lung cancer treatment center, Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia has expert physicians who specialize in treating the most complex lung cancer cases. These include patients with multiple primary cancer sites and those with limited lung function.

Our doctors also specialize in treating patients with early stage lung cancers. These lung cancer patients often have better outcomes at Fox Chase than they would elsewhere.

Early Stage Lung Cancer Treatment Options

Michael Unger, MD, is the director of Fox Chase's Pulmonary Cancer Detection and Prevention Program. He specializes in early and new detection and diagnostic techniques with LIFE, superDimension/Bronchus, bronchoscopic ultrasounds, CT scans and more. He is recognized internationally for his treatment of early lung cancer with photodynamic therapy and laser ablation.

Short course stereotactic radiotherapy is offered as treatment for patients with early stage inoperable lung cancer. These lung cancer patients are unable to undergo surgery because they have unresectable primary tumors.

Radiofrequency ablation is used for patients with early non-small cell lung cancer. It works by using high-energy radio waves to treat the lung cancer tumor. A thin, needle-like probe is temporarily placed into the tumor to release the radio waves. It is guided accurately using ultrasound or CT scans. The probe releases high frequency alternating current that creates frictional heating and destroys the cancer cells. This has become a major treatment method for patients with tumors that are small in size.

Brachytherapy through a lung cancer clinical trial is now offered for patients with early stage lung cancer who undergo a wedge resection because they cannot undergo a lobectomy.

For more information about lung cancer treatment and prevention at Fox Chase Cancer Center or to make an appointment, call 1-888-FOX CHASE (1-888-369-2427).