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Drug Therapies Available to Enhance Your Treatment Results

When chemotherapy is needed in addition to your primary treatment of surgery or radiation, this part of the treatment is managed by a medical oncologist. The medical oncologist will work with your team of doctors to tailor your treatment. Like the surgeons and radiation therapists, our medical oncologists specialize in treating patients with prostate cancer.

Men who have localized prostate cancer often can choose which treatment option (surgery, radiation or watchful waiting) is right for them. Our medical oncologists are available to help these men in making a decision even if chemotherapy is not part of the overall treatment plan.

Chemotherapy Tailored Especially for You

Therapy in addition to surgery or radiation may be recommended for patients whose cancer has recurred (returned), or whose cancers are advanced or aggressive (with high risk of spreading to other sites). Our medical oncologists consider individual factors related to each patient's medical condition to offer a plan tailored especially for you. Additional therapy may include hormone therapy and/or chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy Treatment for Prostate Cancer Patients

Although hormone therapy can control the cancer for a variable period of time, most tumors eventually become resistant and begin to grow again. For patients with hormone resistant or "hormone-refractory" tumors, chemotherapy provides another treatment option.

Chemotherapy for prostate cancer has been shown to prolong patients' lives, reduce pain from bone metastases (when cancer spreads) and enhance overall quality of life. The most effective chemotherapy for prostate cancer patients is docetaxel (Taxotere®).

Clinical Trials Provide More Options

See National Cancer Institute information on Prostate Cancer

New cutting-edge treatments are available through clinical trials. Some clinical trials offer new therapies that may provide equal effectiveness but fewer side effects than standard treatments.

Prostate cancer treatment is constantly evolving. Scientific advances and new therapies continue to emerge through clinical trials, many of which are offered at Fox Chase. Our physicians have access to the latest treatments for their patients.