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About Fox Chase

About Fox Chase

The Region's Only Hospital Devoted Solely to Cancer Treatment, Research and Prevention
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NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center Fox Chase is designated a Comprehensive Cancer Center by the National Cancer Institute (NCI).
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Fox Chase Cancer Center is accredited by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer.
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Consulting Programs and Services

Fox Chase Cancer Center Consultants offers hospitals, cancer centers, and other healthcare related organizations the tools they need to build comprehensive and competitive programs. Our services include:

Program Planning and Assessment

Partners Consulting
Fox Chase Cancer Center Consultants offers clients a comprehensive approach to evaluate the needs of your cancer program. As part of the planning process, an assessment program-planning document will be prepared to serve as a development and implementation tool for the cancer program over a two to three year period. The process includes an in-depth analysis of your current cancer program services with recommended enhancements and development of goals, strategy and timelines. The assessment will be based on the experience of Fox Chase Cancer Center Consultants and the information provided by the client through interviews with management and key personnel, as well as data requests.

Our all-inclusive program-planning package provides:

  • Assessment of the readiness and need for an oncology program or a comprehensive review of an existing program
  • Ambulatory department assessment for best practice
  • Review of clinical and economic components
  • Marketing analysis, including market research, needs assessment, and marketing plan

Clients may purchase the package in its entirety or as individual components.

Service Development

To provide the highest level of cancer care for patients in a community, many cancer programs are seeking to expand existing services or develop and initiate new services. Fox Chase Cancer Center Consultants can assist your cancer program in conducting a full assessment of your current services and develop a series of recommendations to consider regarding new program development. We examine local, regional and national trends to guide us in developing a set of customized recommendations for your cancer program.

Partners Consulting
New program development can include the following types of services:

  • New Cancer Center
  • Research Assessments
  • New Technology
  • Disease-Specific Cancer Programs
  • Outreach Programs
  • Cancer-Risk Programs
  • Supportive-Care Services

Accreditation Application

Fox Chase Cancer Center Consultants can support your cancer program's application for accreditation or re-accreditation by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer. Based on the latest guidelines, we conduct mock program audits to measure your service components against established standards. Research assessments and tools to build your research portfolio are also available to meet accreditation requirements. We can also support accreditation applications for other organizations, such as the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.


Research Assessments are available to evaluate research capability, infrastructure and best practice development at a private practice or medical center.

Clinical Navigation Program Planning

When faced with a cancer diagnosis, patients deal with a host of issues--emotional, logistical, and financial, making it difficult to focus on their treatment and return to health. At Fox Chase Cancer Center, our Nurse Navigators are trained to be responsible for identifying and removing barriers to timely and appropriate cancer care.

The Fox Chase Cancer Center Consultants offer strategic planning to develop a clinical navigation program based on best practice models and what best fits the needs of your institution. This engagement provides operational tools to assist with program development and evaluation, and a shadowing experience with clinical nurse navigators with a focus on creating a quality patient experience in a fiscally sound environment.

Network Development

This limited engagement is based more on discussions and exchange of knowledge. Fox Chase Cancer Center Consultants will provide information on how Fox Chase developed Fox Chase Cancer Center Partners, services provided, and other operational issues.


Our consultants specialize in oncology-related marketing and have experience working with both academic and community hospitals. Consulting engagements in marketing can range from an overall assessment of your current marketing strategy to the development of a cancer center marketing plan.

The market assessment includes market research and a needs assessment. This assessment will determine a client's market share through publicly available sources and will identify the opportunity for program growth by increasing public awareness. Marketing plans are also available to identify the most effective opportunities to promote your cancer program.

Feasibility Studies and Financial Projections

Fox Chase staff will prepare an in-depth financial projection for the infrastructure required to establish new programs. The projections will be based on the experience of Fox Chase Cancer Center Consultants, as well as information provided by the client. The feasibility study may also include budget preparation for research infrastructure and the review of all managed-care contracts for provision of oncology services.

Seminars and Training

Various seminars and training courses are offered to educate staff on topics relevant to the success of the cancer program, as well as specific topics related to disease sites.

Staffing Needs Assessment and Job Descriptions

A complete analysis of the existing staff and the staff required to operate the cancer program in an efficient manner will be performed. Fox Chase Cancer Center Consultants will provide suggestions, including the skill set required and specific job descriptions based on experience.