Breast Oncology Fellowship Conference Schedule

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A Century of Excellence

A Century of Excellence

Discover the history of one of the nation's first cancer hospitals.
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Moments in Time

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Meetings and Conferences

Conferences in subspecialty fields well beyond the breast-specific curriculum also occur throughout the campus, though are not required for the breast fellowship. These include weekly seminars in general surgical oncology, head and neck, and thoracic surgical oncology. There are also daily multidisciplinary site-specific tumor conferences, weekly preoperative conferences, multidisciplinary journal clubs, and daily noon oncology lecture series. In addition to receiving formal training in cancer surgery, fellows are exposed to tumor biology, biostatistics, research design, and methodology.  

Breast Fellowship-Specific Conferences

  AM 12:00 PM PM
Monday   General Oncology* Lecture  
Tuesday 7:30: M&M / Grand Rounds Breast Tumor Board  
Wednesday   General Oncology* Lecture 5:00 PM Biostatistics Course**
Monthly, January through April

6:00: SSO Video Conference
Quarterly, e-mail notification

Thursday 7:00: Surg Onc Didactic
Monthly, e-mail notification
General Oncology* Lecture  
Friday 7:00: General Surgical Case Planning Conference General Oncology* Lecture  
* Core Oncology Conferences for all fellows given in the summer. General oncology lectures span medical, surgical, and radiation oncology topics throughout the year.
** Biostatistics course includes statistics, research and trial design, and methodology. These are also available internally only, online as video e-learning modules.