Donor Story: Zach Herr
Zach Herr

I put myself in the shoes of my mom's team. They spend their lives helping other people who are struggling, and I wanted to do something to help them."
—Zach Herr

Zach Herr remembers the day he learned his mother had colon cancer. His father was driving the amateur golfer, 12 years old at the time, home from a tournament when he broke the news to Zach. "It was hard to hear," says Zach. "but I didn't fully understand the impact until my mom started treatment."

Zach frequently accompanied her to Fox Chase, sitting with her through radiation and chemotherapy.

"I really got to know her care team," he says. "Their dedication to her and to fighting cancer was amazing. And I really wanted to thank them." He realized he could say thank you by supporting cancer research.

"Curing cancer is expensive, and financial support is one of the best gifts we can give."

With his family, Zach organized and presided over the first annual Zach Attacks Cancer Foundation Golf Event and Auction. The June 2008 tournament raised more than $60,000 for cancer research and care.

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