Charles and Barbara Kahn – Second-Generation Generosity

Charles Kahn: My giving philosophy goes back to my parents.  My mother funded a physician learning center in the library at Fox Chase in memory of my father. We’ve been friends of Fox Chase since we volunteered on the Board of Advocates in the 1980s. We often make gifts in honor or memory of friends. We funded a nursing education room in the Hospital of Fox Chase in memory of a close friend who was treated there.

Barbara and Charles Kahn

Barbara and Charles Kahn

Video Why I Give to Fox Chase

This fall, six Fox Chase donors came together to talk about their motivations for giving and their relationship with Fox Chase. We distilled that two-hour conversation into this 5-minute video, which debuted at the November 4 Laurel Society Recognition Event. Our hope is that all of our supporters will hear familiar themes that speak to their own reasons for giving to Fox Chase. Launch video »

A number of years ago I donated a life insurance policy to Fox Chase. They are the beneficiary, hold the policy, and make the payments. Each year, I reimburse Fox Chase for the premium and this becomes our annual contribution.

Barbara and I recognize the importance and quality of the good work being done at Fox Chase. We continue to support them today, but we felt the need to have that support continue after we are gone. I am happy knowing this will happen.