Donor Story: Lee Varallo O'Hagan
Lee Varallo O’Hagan

The staff of Fox Chase gave me the gift of a future with my wife. We owe so much to them and want to thank them as often as possible."
—Paul O'Hagan

When Lee Varallo O'Hagan was 24 years old, the recent college graduate was excited about her new job and planning a future with her fiancé Paul O"Hagan. Cancer was definitely not part of their plans. But there it was, a life-altering diagnosis of stage IV oral cancer. After Lee was diagnosed, she and Paul explored a few hospitals. They chose Fox Chase, not knowing at the time that they were choosing the best care in the region.

"We've never looked back," Lee says. "My team treated me with such humanity and devotion. I was never a number to them, but a person with feelings and dreams. They helped me survive physically and emotionally and supported Paul as he struggled along with me." 

Once treatment ended, Lee wanted to share the strength her team gave her with other cancer patients. As a pharmacist, she knows the critical need for health care funding and understands that better medical outcomes come when funding is robust. She says, "I know the best gift we can give is financial support."