Donor Story: Janet and Hallock Williams
Janet and Hallock Williams

We have so many blessings as a consequence of our experience at Fox Chase, and we feel it's very important to show our gratitude in as many ways as possible."
—Janet and Hallock Williams

Janet and Hallock Williams know that the smallest gestures often make the biggest difference. They've experienced it over and over at Fox Chase.

In 2003, Janet chose Fox Chase for treatment when diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Looking back, she was overwhelmed by the compassionate support she and her family received from the staff. "I was in the hospital for 12 days," Janet remembers. "The care and compassion was so outstanding that I didn't call home once." It was the little touches that kept her going. "My patient escort, James, sang to me as he took me to treatment," she says. "Then, I called him my personal Frank Sinatra; today, I call him a lifesaver."

When Hal was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2006, he went right to Fox Chase. "Our medical care was first rate, and everyone did so much for each of us, both as patients and spouses," says Hal. "Fox Chase is like a second home, full of many uplifting memories. We give whenever we can, as much as we can."