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Margaret Zuccotti Margaret Mauran Zuccotti, cancer survivor, mother, and founder, The Louise S. Mauran Book Fund

A message from Margaret Zuccotti, founder:

The Louise S. Mauran Book Fund at Fox Chase was created to provide support to families who are tackling the wide range of emotions brought on by a parent's cancer diagnosis. The fund will provide extra support from Fox Chase to the community by presenting patients with a selection of books about families and cancer.

To refer someone to this program, or to request books for yourself, please contact Social Work Services Department at Fox Chase at 215-728-2668.

When I was diagnosed with stage IV inflammatory breast cancer in the fall of 2006, I worried about my future. I was concerned about how to deal with cancer while raising 3 small children. My husband and I were already so busy, we could not imagine how we would introduce our kids to life with a mom who had an advanced stage breast cancer. Needless to say, we felt overwhelmed.

We decided that there were 3 things we wanted to emphasize with our children:

  1. We wanted them to know that we love them. Cancer would change many aspects of our of life together, but our love would not waiver.
  2. My looks would change. Hair loss, fatigue, and lack of enthusiasm would be side-effects with which we'd all have to cope.
  3. We wanted the children to know that while my chemotherapy was going to bring me down, my many doctor's and hospital visits, shots and scans would help me heal.

The titles selected for the book fund aim to reinforce these 3 important lessons.


Early on in my treatment, I received a few childrens' books from a social worker. As an educator, I immediately gravitated to the stories. I searched for more titles to help explain my situation to my children. Over the last 4 years, I have wanted to help other parents as I was helped so long ago. With all this in mind, I set out to create this fund.

In the summer of 2010, I assembled packets of a dozen books and sent them to survivor parents and friends. I asked each of them to read and assess the books. The response was outstanding. Everyone involved shared valuable feedback and ideas. It was a thrill to read the comments. I have now pared down 12 books to the 5 titles that most touched our hearts.

Today, when a parent of young children is diagnosed with cancer, the social workers at Fox Chase Cancer Center will present a packet of children's books to the family. Treating the patient is the priority at Fox Chase, and family care is an essential part of that philosophy.

I hope the Louise S. Mauran Book Fund will help patients and families prevail over the stress and fear of cancer treatment.

Margaret Mauran Zuccotti, M.ed

Book Titles

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To refer someone to this program, or to request books for yourself, please contact Social Work Services Department at Fox Chase Cancer Center at 215-728-2668. The social workers can also be available to offer support and information about other programs and resources that may be helpful to you, such as Kid's Night Out.

Read Margaret's story here.


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