Bereavement Support Calendar

Bereavement Support Groups
Fall 2014

The loss of someone loved changes our lives forever. At Fox Chase Cancer Center we offer support groups to provide a safe place to honor your connection and to share with others in similar situations the unique issues of grieving the loss of your loved one.  These groups are a combination of education and mutual support. All groups are free, but require pre-registration and space is limited.


For questions and registration, contact;

Sheila Amrhein, LCSW at 215-728-2853 or
Denise Cothren at 215-728-2797 or

Bereavement Support Group
For Adults Who Have Lost A Loved One

This group addresses the needs of adults who have lost a parent, family member or close friend.  The group will meet every other week for 5 sessions Thursday evenings from 6:00– 7:30 p.m. beginning Thursday, October 16, 2014.  Pre-register by October 10, 2014.

Contact Sheila Amrhein, LSW, at 215-728-2853, or Denise Cothren at 215-728-2797 or


Bereavement Support Groups[printable pdf]

Bereavement Support Group 
For Widows, Widowers and Life Partners

This group is specifically designed to address the needs of adults who have lost a spouse or life partner. This group will meet every week from 6:00– 7:30 p.m. for 8 sessions, starting on Tuesday, September 30th.  Pre-register by September 25, 2014.

 Contact Sheila Amrhein, LSW, at 215-728-2853, or Denise Cothren at 215-728-2797 or

Coping With The Holidays In The Midst Of Your Grief:
An Informational Seminar

Please join us for a 2-hour education and support seminar to discuss suggestions for coping with the holidays.  Strategies will be discussed regarding how to handle well-intentioned friends or family, creating meaningful rituals to honor your loved one who has died, and how to plan and determine what and how much you and your family want to do on the holidays.

WHEN: Thursday – November 20, 2014
TIME: 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.
LOCATION: Fox Chase Cancer Center
East Parking Garage – Level 1A
Registration 1st Floor Women’s Center

This session is free, but does require registration by November 14, 2014.  Please contact Sheila or Catherine to register:

Sheila Amrhein, LCSW 

Denise Cothren