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Fox Chase Cancer Center and Temple University Announce An Expanded Academic and Clinical Affiliation

PHILADELPHIA (November 9, 1998) -- Fox Chase Cancer Center and Temple University have agreed to an affiliation aimed at strengthening overall cancer care in the Philadelphia region. Dr. Robert C. Young, president of Fox Chase Cancer Center, and Dr. Leon S. Malmud, senior vice president of Temple University Health Sciences Center, dean of Temple University School of Medicine and president of Temple University Health System, made the announcement today. The agreement has been approved by the boards of trustees of both institutions.

The affiliation will expand and enhance the clinical and academic expertise of the two institutions and builds on a successful relationship existent for almost a decade. Because the agreement is an affiliation, both institutions retain their independent status.

The agreement covers a broad range of cancer services and programs. Medical oncology, radiation oncology, and surgical oncology programs of both institutions will be integrated, making Fox Chase Cancer Center and Temple University Health System the leaders in delivering total cancer care.

"This affiliation allows both institutions to draw on existing strengths and build new programs, while retaining our independence and our separate identities," said Dr. Young. "For Fox Chase Cancer Center, it means being able to enhance specialty programs in bone marrow transplant and neuro-oncology without duplicating these services. It is critical in this era of scarce resources that we offer our patients these specialized services in an excellent but cost-efficient manner. The alignment also means having a very stable, high-quality training program in all of our key disciplines and strengthening our medical support in specialties that are not specifically oncology related. The agreement we have reached with Temple is ideal in that it preserves and enhances our two most important institutional values, excellence and independence."

Dr. Malmud said, "This agreement represents a unique opportunity to expand our cancer programs by integrating our services with those of Fox Chase, the area's leading oncology center. It gives us access to a wider range of clinical research and services, including Fox Chase's cancer prevention and risk assessment programs. We are pleased to be able to expand our outstanding bone-marrow transplant and neuro-oncology programs to Temple's Jeanes Hospital at the Fox Chase campus. This is the kind of partnership that can occur when two very strong institutions, both dedicated to high-quality patient care and research, decide to share their resources."

The agreement, which will be in effect for 10 years, is not a merger. Robert F. Ozols, M.D., Ph.D., senior vice president for medical science at Fox Chase Cancer Center, has been named program director for the joint program and an associate dean of Temple University School of Medicine. All current faculty members of both Fox Chase and Temple will retain their existing primary professional affiliations while new staff hired for the program will have primary appointments at both institutions.

"This is an extraordinary union. It represents the ongoing concern doctors have to provide cancer patients with immediate access to the best health care," said Dr. Ozols. "Patients will still have the full choice of being treated at either facility, just as they always have. This new relationship will give us added depth, flexibility and resources to develop clinical programs and conduct clinical trials. Our patients and staff will benefit from Temple's breadth as a full-service academic medical center and Fox Chase's focus on oncology. The positive effects should be immediate, and the possibilities for the future are extraordinary."

The agreement is effective immediately. A schedule for operational implementation is under development.

Also in the agreement:

  • Full integration of medical and surgical departments of oncology. The chairs of medical and surgical departments at Fox Chase will receive additional appointments as section chiefs of those disciplines at Temple University Hospital. Creation of a joint department of radiation oncology chaired by Gerald E. Hanks, currently Chairman at Fox Chase.
  • Moving the Temple Bone Marrow Transplant Program to the Fox Chase/Jeanes Hospital campus. Jeanes, a member of the Temple University Health System, shares the Fox Chase campus. Temple's Bone Marrow Transplant Program will encompass the stem cell program at Fox Chase Cancer Center.
  • Development of a major program in neuro-oncology at Fox Chase Cancer Center.
  • Enhancement and continuation of the long-standing oncology training and teaching program by which Temple medical students and residents in medical and surgical oncology receive training at Fox Chase Cancer Center. This program will also be expanded to a joint residency program in radiation oncology.
  • Coordination of a wide spectrum of other clinical and academic services, as well as cancer clinical trials, basic research, prevention and behavioral research and epidemiology research, and continuing medical education.

Key appointments in addition to Ozols as program director include:

  • Louis M. Wiener, M.D., Section Chief of Medical Oncology
  • Gerald E. Hanks, M.D., Chairman of Radiation Oncology
  • Burton Eisenberg, M.D., Section Chief of Surgical Oncology
  • Kenneth Mangan, M.D., Director of the Bone-Marrow Transplant Program
  • Raj K. Narayan, M.D., Professor and Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery
  • Douglas Laske, M.D., Director of Neuro-oncology Program

Temple University is an international leader in medical education and research. The Temple University Health System is a major provider of integrated health-care services for the Delaware Valley. Consisting of a network of quality hospitals, physicians and other health-care providers, the system maintains a vigorous and dynamic platform for teaching and education, while enhancing the health of the community.

Fox Chase Cancer Center is one of 34 National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer centers in the nation. The Center's activities include basic and clinical research, prevention, detection and treatment of cancer and community outreach programs.

Fox Chase Cancer Center, part of the Temple University Health System, is one of the leading cancer research and treatment centers in the United States. Founded in 1904 in Philadelphia as one of the nation’s first cancer hospitals, Fox Chase was also among the first institutions to be designated a National Cancer Institute Comprehensive Cancer Center in 1974. Fox Chase researchers have won the highest awards in their fields, including two Nobel Prizes. Fox Chase physicians are also routinely recognized in national rankings, and the Center’s nursing program has received the Magnet recognition for excellence four consecutive times. Today, Fox Chase conducts a broad array of nationally competitive basic, translational, and clinical research, with special programs in cancer prevention, detection, survivorship, and community outreach.  For more information, call 1-888-FOX CHASE or (1-888-369-2427).

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