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Evidence Points to Fallopian-Tube Origins of Ovarian Cancers
(Apr 17, 2015)

Recent clinical evidence suggests that premalignant cells associated with ovarian cancer may arise in the fallopian tubes and not the ovaries. Therefore, it may be possible to reduce ovarian cancer risk and mortality among women at high risk through the removal of just the fallopian tubes.

Similarities Between Polycystic Kidney Disease, Cancer May Point to Future Therapeutic Options
(Apr 16, 2015)

Researchers at Fox Chase Cancer Center found many similarities between ADPKD and cancer’s signaling pathways and inhibitors, highlighting potential avenues for the use of existing cancer therapeutics in the treatment of ADPKD.

Ten Minutes That Could Save Your Life
(Apr 10, 2015)

Temple University Hospital/Fox Chase Cancer Center to Offer Free Screenings During Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week, April 13-17.


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