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Your Fox Chase attending physician — a medical, radiation, or surgical oncologist — is responsible for supervising your cancer treatment. During your first outpatient visit, your attending physician will conduct a physical exam and do a thorough review of your medical records. Based on this exam and review, you will receive an initial evaluation and cancer treatment recommendation.

Fox Chase pathologists (doctors who identify disease by studying cells and tissues under a microscope) and radiologists (doctors who specialize in creating and interpreting pictures such as X-rays of areas inside the body) will formally review your pathology slides and radiology films after your visit. (For patients in Fox Chase's Breast Evaluation Center, this review takes place before the first visit.) Your attending physician will contact you if this review suggests a change in your initial evaluation.

To determine the best cancer treatment for you, your doctor may recommend follow-up tests or procedures and may also refer you to other physician specialists at Fox Chase for further evaluation. If previously scheduled, you will see other physicians on your first visit.

At any time, please feel free to share your concerns and to ask your doctors or nurses any questions you may have about your cancer diagnosis and treatment.