What to Expect After Treatment

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After treatment is completed, follow-up appointments will be scheduled so that your radiation oncologist can make sure your recovery is proceeding normally and can continue to monitor your health status. Your radiation oncologist may also order additional diagnostic tests. Reports on your treatment can be sent to your other doctors.

As time goes on, the frequency of your visits will decrease. However, you should know that your radiation oncology team will always be available should you need to speak to someone about your treatment.

On-Treatment Visits

Your doctor and primary nurse will evaluate you every week during treatment. They will monitor your progress and help you manage any side effects. This is called an ontreatment visit (OTV) and will occur on a specific day of the week. If you would like to see your doctor or nurse on a day other than this scheduled day, please tell your radiation therapist. You will usually have one or more blood tests and X-rays during your course of treatment.

After Your Treatment

At the end of your course of radiation therapy, you will receive post-therapy instructions and a follow-up appointment to see your doctor in one to 12 weeks. Along with periodic X-rays and blood tests, it is important for you to continue with regular exams to monitor closely the results of your treatment.