Integrative Care

Topics in This Section

Integrative Care explores a holistic mind/body/spirit approach to healing.

The Integrative Care Program offers evidence-based and traditional time-honored healing practices such as Reiki, yoga and music therapy. These services are offered to Fox Chase Cancer Center patients and caregivers.

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Yoga is a low-impact practice beneficial for health and relaxation. Fox Chase is happy to offer a yoga class for patients. This class adapts yoga poses and movements to meet needs for those living with cancer, including anyone in active treatment. This is a gentle class that focuses on breath and relaxation. You do not need previous experience with yoga. For more information, call 215-214-3940

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Reiki is a form of energy healing that relies on a gentle touch and a simple transfer of energy to promote healing of the mind, body, and spirit.
  Find out when and where Reiki is given and what to expect:
Reiki practitioners are most often available Monday-Friday. If you would like to enjoy the relaxing effects of Reiki, call 215-728-2411 with a few dates and times that you are available. All efforts will be made to accommodate your request.

Stress Management

Fox Chase Cancer Center’s Stress Management Program provides personal assessment and culturally-sensitive, evidence-based treatments that enable people to make more adaptive and healthier choices in their efforts to cope with adversity. Stress Management Program components may include individual psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, relaxation techniques, group psychotherapy, as well as medication management. 
Download Fox Chase Cancer Center's Stress Management Brochure. (pdf) or call 215-214-3940.

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