Genitourinary Cancer Patient Care Team

This team works closely to tailor your cancer treatment plan. 

Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia offers genitourinary cancer patients access to a multispecialty team of doctors and other medical professionals specializing in genitourinary cancers. These types of cancers include kidney cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer and more.

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Nurse Navigators

Reach a Nurse Navigator at 888-FOX-CHASE

When faced with a cancer diagnosis, patients deal with a whole host of issues—emotional, logistical, financial—making it difficult to focus on their treatment and return to health. The Fox Chase Cancer Center Nurse Navigators are clinically trained individuals responsible for the identification and removal of barriers to timely and appropriate cancer treatment.


Peggy McGinn, RN, OCN

Genitourinary Cancer Nurse Navigator

"Being a nurse at Fox Chase is not just a job, it is something that I have always been passionate about and look forward to doing for many years to come."