Womens Cancer Center at Fox Chase

Strong Together: Patient Stories

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  • Let's be strong together. Please join us in our relentless pursuit to prevail over cancer for all women everywhere.

Women's Stories

Patients speak about their experience at the Womens Cancer Center.

Listed below are selected testimonials from patients.

Breast Cancer

Judith Bernstein
Margaret Zuccotti
Teresa Palumbo
Jane Tervooren

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Cervical Cancer

Holly Dixon
Anna Jolly Sadbeck

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Ovarian Cancer

Missy Light Dougherty
Kim Chestnut
Karen Mason

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Patient Stories: Judith Bernstein
"Everyone has a story. Fate can't change what is going to happen to you, but you can change your attitude and how you are going to accept it." Judy was prepared to fight the cancer. Between her bubbly personality and positive outlook, Judy is able to enjoy her life as much as possible.
Patient Stories: Margaret Zuccotti

"The nurses at Fox Chase are also outstanding. They always made me feel welcome."

Breast Cancer
Cindy Burger

When Cindy Burger underwent treatment for Inflammatory Breast Cancer, she found Boo's Boutique a comforting resource. (2:35 min)

Dolores Wolff

Dolores Wolff is a breast cancer survivor. She was happy to discover JayAnn's Intimates at Boo's Boutique. (2:35 min)

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