Womens Cancer Center at Fox Chase

Our Philosophy of Care

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  • Let's be strong together. Please join us in our relentless pursuit to prevail over cancer for all women everywhere.

The Region's First Women's Cancer Center
...only at Fox Chase Cancer Center

When she is diagnosed with cancer, everyone who loves her feels the impact. Fox Chase Cancer Center, a leader in women's cancer care and research, knows that the best care for women with breast, gynecological, and other cancers means so much more than just medical treatment. For decades, we have provided the most advanced treatments available and offered compassionate, comforting support to generations of women and the men, women, and children who love them.

As part of a strategic initiative to expand our research and treatment programs for women's cancers, Fox Chase realized the most meaningful way we can continue our legacy of leadership is by addressing the unique needs of women with breast and gynecological cancers.

Research has shown that women fighting cancer want a space of their own, where they have the supportive strength of other women who share their experience; where their families receive support; and where medical experts provide comprehensive care that treats the whole woman, not just her disease.

Women's Cancer Cancer

Every physical detail of the Center aims to minimize stress throughout the treatment process. from a private entrance and an elegantly furnished waiting room to calming colors and soothing lighting, all aspects of its design will serve the purpose of providing comfort and convenience.

Fox Chase's Women's Cancer Center offers women a place where they can receive coordinated, state-of-the-art care, support services, and education all under one roof.

Here, they benefit from the most advanced research and knowledge about breast and gynecologic cancers and have opportunities to participate in groundbreaking clinical trials. Here, they and their families come together to help each other.