Womens Cancer Center at Fox Chase

Boo's Boutique

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Boo’s is a specialty boutique meant to help our patients going through treatment and recovery.

Through the Women’s Cancer Center, Fox Chase offers the best possible experience, physically and emotionally, for a woman faced with a cancer diagnosis, treatment, and then through the recovery phase. Call 215-728-2627 to learn more.

Jay Ann Intimates

Breast shapes, skin tones, surgery, fitness levels and body types vary. Jay Ann Intimates fit specialists are specially trained to help you choose breast forms that best match your natural breast to restore balance and a positive body image. Your fit specialist will also measure you for a post-surgical bra to hold your breast form in place. More

Cindy Burger

When Cindy Burger underwent treatment for Inflammatory Breast Cancer, she found Boo's Boutique a comforting resource. (2:35 min)

Boo's Boutique is located at the intersection of the Women's Cancer Center and the Prevention Pavilion, opposite Karen's Korner Gift Shop.

JayAnn Intimates offers bra fittings, breast prostheses and apparel Tuesday - Thursday 
9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Call ahead for an appointment to make sure a certified fitter is available and allows a Jay Ann Intimates’ fitter to verify your insurance benefits. It is important to get a prescription from your physician prior to your fitting.

About Boo Binswanger

The boutique is named for Louise Binswanger, a longtime Fox Chase friend and patient. Her grandchildren called her Boo.

Their nickname, and their art, is now a part of the fabric of the Boutique: colorful tiles they made in her memory hang in the boutique's salon.