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In addition to a full range of treatment, full mammography services are always available at the Women's Cancer Center.
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Find a Clinical Trial

Find a Clinical Trial

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The Women's Cancer Center builds on
Fox Chase's world-renowned expertise
in breast and gynecologic cancers.

The Women's Cancer Center continues the Fox Chase tradition of integrating team science and discovery with research in order to provide personalized intervention for women with or at risk for these cancers. It includes both clinical and research programs which encompass the continuum of care from risk assessment, prevention, screening and diagnostics, treatment, support, education through survivorship.

Strong Together

Some women come to the Center for treatment of an already diagnosed condition; other women are making a visit for a periodic screening exam, or other preventive measure. Others, with a high-risk history of cancer in their family, come to take advantage of our comprehensive Risk Assessment program. Call today to talk to one of our counsellors about your concerns, or request an appointment.

Breast Cancer

Lori J. Goldstein, MD

Lori J. Goldstein, MD
Director, Breast Evaluation Center

Fox Chase Cancer Center offers the most advanced treatment options for breast cancer.

During a one-day visit to our Breast Evaluation Center, newly diagnosed breast cancer patients will meet your entire team of specialists (including the surgeon, medical oncologist and radiation oncologist) who will develop a comprehensive treatment plan tailored especially for you.

With an expanded patient navigation program, women who become part of the Center will be offered individualized, compassionate care with a focus on wellness, stress reduction and quality of life and access to our full scope of research opportunities.

Through the Breast Evaluation Center, Fox Chase offers breast cancer patients access to a multi-specialty team of doctors and other medical professionals who specialize in breast cancer.

Led by Lori J. Goldstein, MD, this team includes medical oncologists, surgical oncologists, plastic surgeons, radiation oncologists, pathologists, social workers, oncology nurses, genetic counselors, physical therapists, radiologists and health educators. 
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Gynecologic Cancer

Fox Chase Cancer Center's multispecialty team of physicians specializes in gynecological cancer. They offer a range of treatment options and clinical trials, working together to plan the most effective gynecological cancer treatment for you.
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Breast Cancer

Breast and Ovarian Cancer Risk Assessment

Offers cancer screening expertise, information, support and counseling about genetic testing and cancer prevention options for individuals with a family history of breast and/or ovarian cancer and women who have had breast and/or ovarian cancer or a biopsy showing benign breast disease; also provides ongoing studies of the biological, genetic and environmental factors that influence disease risk.
Contact Risk Assessment at 1-877-627-9684.

Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC)

IBC is not a new type of breast cancer, but it is very important to distinguish IBC from other types of breast cancer because there are major differences in its symptoms, prognosis, and treatment. Diagnosing Inflammatory Breast Cancer can be difficult since the cancer is not apparent on ultrasounds, and mammograms are often painful and difficult for patients with a tender and swollen breast.