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Directions to our Dermatology Suite and the Urology Clinic.
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Dermatology Staff List

Misha Mutizwa, MD, Dermatologist

Anthony Santoro, MD, Dermatologist, Internal Medicine

Jill Anne Seely, RN MSN, CRNP

More on Melanoma and Nonmelanoma treatment at Fox Chase Cancer Center

Preparing for Dermatology Procedures

Clinical services provided by Fox Chase Dermatology include skin cancer screening, early detection and surveillance as well as state-of-the-art treatment, such as Mohs micrographic surgery and photodynamic therapy. Consultations are provided to those at risk for or already diagnosed with skin cancer and oncology patients with dermatologic complications. Fox Chase Dermatology clinical services are organized with an infrastructure to support basic and clinical research, from biosample acquisition to clinical trial accrual. More