Office of Health Communications and Health Disparities

Engaging, teaching and helping diverse people to reduce their cancer risk.

The Office of Health Communications and Health Disparities (OHCHD) is the public outreach and education arm of Fox Chase Cancer Center. We help people to know what Fox Chase Cancer Center can offer them, and we provide a place to turn to for anyone who wants to learn more about cancer. As leaders in cancer research and teaching, we:

  • Address the cancer health needs of many groups - from rural groups to racial and ethnic minorities.
  • Use many modes to discuss cancer, such as one-to-one contact, group teaching, and print and online media.
  • Provide local programs to teach about and to screen for cancer.
  • Train local groups to apply proven methods to teach about cancer and screening in their neighborhoods.
  • Work with well-known local, state and national-level organizations.
  • Study how to best get people to know and reduce their cancer risk.
  • Conduct research to improve health care messages and access for under-served groups.
  • Support Fox Chase Cancer Center's pledge to serve diverse groups in a way that is tailored to their unique cultures, lifestyles and needs.

The OHCHD has a team of highly skilled and committed staff. Meet the OHCHD!

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What is a health disparity?

A health disparity (or health gap) exists when a certain group of people suffer more from a disease than another group. For instance, research has shown that certain racial and ethnic minorities have higher rates of deaths due to cancer than other groups of people. Health disparities can occur for many reasons, such as one's genes (meaning that the cause is related to the person's own body), as well as social and environmental factors (such as lack of access to healthcare). The OHCHD is always searching for new ways to reduce and get rid of cancer health disparities.

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