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Animal Research Facilities

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Basic, translational, and clinical research here at Fox Chase
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Graduate Student Programs

Graduate Student Research

Our graduate student programs
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The facilities and resources have been structured to fulfill the needs of the multi-disciplinary research programs at Fox Chase Cancer Center. The facilities and resources have been designed to enhance on-going research by supplying information, reagents, and technical expertise that are not readily available to the individual investigator.

Irradiation Facility

The Irradiation Facility operates two irradiators sited at different locations that are optimal for their experimental usage.  


Laboratory Animal Facilities

The Laboratory Animal Resource (LAR) Program is responsible for the supply, use, and husbandry of laboratory animals utilized by the various research programs at Fox Chase Cancer Center. In addition, the Program staff provide consultation and direction on appropriate techniques, strains or animal models to use in research protocols. The LAR has been in existence since 1948 and is organized into three interrelated facilities:


Transgenic Mouse Facility

The facility occupies two newly renovated rooms, the first of which contains two microinjection work stations, one for DNA microinjection, and the other for injection of blastocysts. The second room is colony space that houses the progenitor strains and the transgenic mice during gestation until reproductive maturity, when they are transferred to the investigator's colony. The animals are housed in microisolator cages, which are changed inside laminar flow hoods. Both rooms are supplied with HEPA- filtered air and designed with air pressure positive to the hallway to maintain a clean environment.