Table of Services

Light Microscopy Policies

Andrey Efimov serves as the manager of both light and electron microscope part of the Cell Imaging Facility.

Contact information:
Andrey Efimov, Ph.D., Manager

Tim Yen, Ph.D., Director
ext. 2590, 4311

Data Storage and Image Processing

Data will are stored on the computers for a few months until the hard drive is full. After that, a substantial part of the data (starting with the oldest), will be forever deleted. Before that happens, the users will be notified.

While the data will still be backed up by the IT, users should backup their own data by transferring the data from the facility’s computers to the hard drives in their labs. Current methods in use include burning data onto CDs or DVDs, data transfer on flash drives or portable hard drives, or transfer through network. The external hard drives should also be used for recording data from memory-intense experiments (overnight timelapse experiments etc.).

All the available image processing programs are currently installed on the Timelapse workstation. In addition, the Facility will install the Nikon C1 FreeViewer for images obtained from the Spectral Confocal as per request. The MetaMorph program is available for installation, but a USB key, that allows users access to the software, has to be rented for nominal fee. As with any assisted use, the installation of some programs has to be scheduled in advance.

Training and Equipment Use

New Users of the facility, regardless of prior imaging experience in other institutions, must be trained by the manager to use the facility equipment. Training must be scheduled and approved at least 24 hours in advance - please call. Unsupervised or unassisted use will be allowed with the agreement of both the user and the manager. One exception is the Spectral (Nikon C1 confocal microscope) that requires a brief setup routine to be performed by the manager. This setup is charged as 0.25 hour of assisted use.


Time on the equipment can be scheduled with the facility scheduler. All timecourses or reservations longer than 3 hours must be scheduled by the manager. Appointment times must be respected; 15 minutes' grace time is allowed, then the appointment is cancelled and the equipment is freed up for other users. Cancelled appointments might be charged for the time signed up.

Due to high demand, the Spectral Confocal microscope will have slightly different rules for reservations:
- Reservations are subject to approval by the manager.
- No more than 3 hours per day can be scheduled by a single user. The only way for the same user to add additional blocks of time is if such a slot is available 24 hours before the desired reservation. For example, on Monday, Postdoc Jane makes an appointment to use the confocal the following Wednesday morning. She cannot book more than 3 hours. When she checks the calendar on Tuesday afternoon, she discovers that there is a free block of time Wednesday afternoon. Postdoc Jane clears it with the manager and she can use the instrument for a second block of time on Wednesday.