Table of Services

Light Microscopy Services


The Facility requires that all users that wish to work on the Facility's instruments are trained by the Staff.

Consultations and Troubleshooting

The users are encouraged to discuss their imaging needs with the Staff so that optimal sample preparation protocol, imaging mode and image processing can be selected and tuned for the particular application.

Chromosome painting using HiSKY spectral imaging

The recently acquired ASI  spectral head for Nikon Eclipse 800 microscope enables to map chromosomes in spreads by "chromosome painting" technology based on hybridization with fuorescent probes and subsequent spectral imaging and image processing.

Semithin cryosection preparation

Cryosamples of tissues and cell pellets are prepared using Tokuyasu method and semi-thin sections cut on a Leica cryotome.


The facility is equipped with an Eppendorf microinjector that is used for delivery of plasmids to cultured cells.