Table of Services

Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Facility


The Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Facility is a shared institutional resource for statistical and bioinformatics consulting and related methodological research. The specific aims of the facility are to:

  • Coordinate and manage biostatistics and bioinformatics activities to ensure that investigators have ready access to quantitative consultation and support.
  • Provide statistical and bioinformatics expertise in the design of experiments and studies, including research proposal development, sample size determination, randomization procedures, and plans for interim reviews and final analysis.
  • Provide data analyses for Cancer Center projects using appropriate statistical, bioinformatics and computing methodologies and assist in the interpretation and presentation of results.
  • Provide statistics and bioinformatics sections of research proposals and manuscripts.
  • Review the integrity and statistical soundness of all studies involving human subjects, in conjunction with the Research Review Committee.
  • Collaborate with the Protocol Office in the development of protocols and monitoring and reporting of clinical data.
  • Maintain a library of up-to-date statistics and bioinformatics software.
  • When appropriate, develop specialized biostatistics and bioinformatics methods needed to support specific cancer center projects.

Electronic Request for Service
The preferred method to obtain biostatistics and bioinformatics support is to use our short electronic request form at (internal access only).


Available software includes standard statistical packages such as SAS, Stata, StatXact and R; sample size and power computation applications such as PASS, Solo Power Analysis, and custom-written applications; tools for methodological research such as Mathematica, Matlab, Fortran, C++; bioinformatics tools including GeneGO (MetaCore), Ingenuity Pathway Analysis suite (IPA), GeneSpring, TRANSFAC professional edition and GCG; and a number of public-domain tools for analyzing transcriptome, genome and proteomics data (e.g., Bioconductor). Other tools available include dChip, JavaTreeView, GenMAPP2, GSEA, DNA analytics, MAT, SAMtools, Graphviz, Osprey, Pajek, Cytoscape, Emboss, BWA, and BLAT.