Table of Services

The Expression Microarry and NextGen Sequencing Unit provide Fox Chase Cancer Center members microarray platforms for gene and microRNA (miRNA) expression analysis and NextGen sequencing (NGS) solutions for cancer research.

This unit helps investigators with data analysis, central storage, and management. The unit operates two mainframes of microarray platforms: Agilent Oligo arrays amd Affymetrix Genechips. Both systems are capable of performing glibal mRNA and miRNA expression profiling with high sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy. 

The facility uses an Illumina HiSeq2500 sequencer. The HiSeq2500 can perform a full line of high throughput sequencing applications, and can generate 600GB data in 11 days with high output mode and 120GB in one day with rapid mode. 

Two types of services are offered to Cancer Center members: Full service and customer service. The full service includes sample preparation, microarray and deep sequencing process, as well as data analysis, all performed by a facility technician. The customer service helps investigators to perform their own process using facility equipment and reagents under the guidance of the facility specialist. The purpose of this service is to facilitate postdoctoral fellows' learning and mastering modern genomic approaches fr caner research. A centralized data management system, CaArray, form the NCI, has been established to ensure precise data archival storage and easy retrieval.