Faculty Summaries
Efrat Dotan, MD
Efrat Dotan, MD
Assistant Professor
Office Phone: 215-728-2985
Fax: 215-728-3639
Office: C303
  • 1. Aurora kinase A gene copy number and outcomes of patients with metastatic colon cancer

    Aurora kinase A is an important regulatory protein for the mitotic process, and has been extensively studied for its role in tumorigenesis and as a treatment target. Others have shown an increase in Aurora kinase A gene copy number in a subset of colon cancer samples. We are studying the correlation between this finding and clinical outcomes of patients with metastatic colon cancer.

  • 2. Correlation between telomere length and tolerance to chemotherapy among elderly colorectal patients

    To date, no available biomarkers are able to assist the oncologists at identifying elderly cancer patients at increased risk of toxicity from chemotherapy. Telomere length has been shown to correlate with increased morbidity and mortality, as well as increased risk for cancer development. In this project, we are evaluating the correlation between telomere length, clinical outcomes, and chemotherapy tolerance among elderly patients with colorectal cancer.