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Erica A. Golemis, PhD
Erica A. Golemis, PhD
  • Deputy Chief Scientific Officer & Vice President
  • Co-Leader, Developmental Therapeutics
  • Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania
  • Adjunct Professor, Drexel University College of Medicine
Office Phone: 215-728-2860
Fax: 215-728-3616
Office: W406
Identifying and Targeting Signaling Hubs in Cancer

Our laboratory is interested in defining the changes in cell signaling that occur as tumors initiate, progress, and develop resistance to drugs, with the ultimate goal of inhibiting these processes. Part of our research focuses on study of NEDD9, a member of the Cas protein family. NEDD9 acts as a scaffold for signaling proteins that play essential roles in cancer progression and normal organismal development.  Part of the laboratory also addresses the biological functions of NEDD9-interacting proteins, including particularly an oncogenic kinase, Aurora-A.  Complementary projects use computer-based bioinformatic approaches to look for genes that sensitize cells to therapies targeted against cancer-promoting proteins such as EGFR. We hope through these studies to better define the interactions of signaling pathways in malignant versus normal cells, allowing improvements in cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Description of research projects
Selected Publications
  1. Plotnikova OV, Nikonova AS, Loskutov YV, Kozyulina PY, Pugacheva EN, Golemis EA. Calmodulin activation of Aurora-A (AURKA) is required during ciliary disassembly and in mitosis. Mol Biol Cell 2012 Jul;23(14):2658-70. Pubmed
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  4. Ratushny V, Pathak HB, Beeharry N, Tikhmyanova N, Xiao F, Li T, Litwin S, Connolly DC, Yen TJ, Weiner LM, Godwin AK, Golemis EA. Dual inhibition of SRC and Aurora kinases induces postmitotic attachment defects and cell death. Oncogene. 2012 Mar 08;31(10):1217-27. Pubmed
  5. Plotnikova, O.V., Pugacheva, E.P., and Golemis, E.A., Aurora-A kinase activity influences calcium signaling in kidney cells. J. Cell Biol 193:1021-1032, 2011. Pubmed
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  11. Pugacheva EN, Jablonski SA., Hartman TR, Henske EP, and Golemis EA. HEF1-dependent Aurora A activation induces disassembly of the primary cilium. Cell 2007 Jun 29;129(7):1351-63. Pubmed
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