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Kyoko Hayakawa, MD, PhD
Kyoko Hayakawa, MD, PhD
Office Phone: 215-728-5362
Lab Phone: 215-728-5362
Fax: 215-728-3574
Lab: R388
Natural autoreactive B cell development and chronic leukemia


  • Natural autoreactive B cell generation by fetal/neonatal B cell development (B-1).
  • B cells generated by B-1 cell development have the highest propensity to become chronic leukemia/lymphoma (CLL) in mice.
  • A mouse CLL with a defined anti-non-muscle myosin IIA autoreactive BCR (B cell antigen receptor) resembles aggressive human CLL.
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Selected Publications
    1. Wen, L., Brill-Dashoff, J., Shinton, S.A., Asano, M., Hardy, R.R., and Hayakawa, K. Evidence of marginal zone B cell positive selection in spleen. Immunity 23:297-308, 2005. PubMed
    2. Wen, L., Shinton, S.A., Hardy, R.R., and Hayakawa, K. Associaiton of B-1 B cells with follicular dendritic cells in spleen. J. Immunol. 174:6918- 6926, 2005. PubMed
    3. Zhou, Y., Li, Y.-S., Bandi, S.R., Tang, L., Shinton, S.A., Hayakawa, K., and Hardy, R.R. Lin28b promotes fetal B lymphopoiesis through the transcription factor Arid3a. J. Exp. Med. 212:569-580, 2015. PMC4387290 PMID25753579
    4. Ichikawa, D., M. Asano, S.A. Shinton, J. Brill-Dashoff, A.M. Formica, A. Velcich, R.R. Hardy, and K. Hayakawa. Natural anti-intestinal goblet cell autoantibody production from marginal zone B cells. J. Immunol 2194:606-614, 2015. PMC4282382 PMID25480561
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