Faculty Summaries
Jean-Pierre Issa, MD
Jean-Pierre Issa, MD
Research Professor
Office Phone: 215-707-4307
Office: 3307 North Broad Street, Room 154
  • Current research projects include:

    » Large scale mapping of epigenomics patterns in normal, aging and cancer cells

    » Investigating the causes of aberrant methylation in cancer, focusing on aging; genetic changes; a particular hypermethylator phenotype we described called CpG Island methylator phenotype; environmental exposures and familial predisposition

    » Basic mechanisms governing the establishment of DNA methylation in normal and cancer cells

    » Studying the causes and consequences of DNA methylation changes in normal aging tissues. Does reducing methylation prevent tumor formation and prolong lifespan?

    » Clinical implications of methylation profiling in cancer. Can we identify subgroups with particular characteristics, prognosis, etc.?

    » Clinical trials of drugs that affect histone modifications and DNA methylation are ongoing. Can we predict who will respond to the drugs? Can we make the therapy better? Does it work the way it is supposed to?

    » Screens for drugs that affect epigenetics, alone or in synergy with current FDA approved molecules.