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Biao Luo, PhD
Biao Luo, PhD
Assistant Research Professor
  • Director, Institute for Personalized Medicine
Office Phone: 215-728-5677
Lab: P2040
Improve Cancer Treatment by the Application of Cancer Genomics

The ultimate goal of our research is to improve cancer treatment by the application of cancer genomics. Current efforts focus on the structural genomic and functional genomic analyses of cancer to identify patient-specific alterations that are important for development, progression and treatment of cancer. Areas of research include: 1) systematic identification of genetic alterations in cancer patients by high-throughput sequencing, 2) investigation of oncogenic networks perturbed by these genetic alterations with high-throughput functional screens. By deepening our understanding of cancer genetics, this research will contribute to developing clinical trials with new therapies and matching emerging drug treatments to the unique genetics of individual patient tumors.

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