Faculty Summaries
Dr. Skalka
Ann Skalka, PhD
Senior Advisor to the President
  • Professor
  • W.W. Smith Chair in Cancer Research
Office Phone: 215-728-2490
Fax: 215 728 2778
Office: R419
  • Lab Overview

    Work in the Skalka laboratory has been focused on obtaining a detailed understanding of the mechanism by which retroviral DNA is integrated into its host cell chromatin, and discovering the epigenetic factors and processes that affect its subsequent expression. Retroviruses are of special interest, not only because they are agents of disease, including cancer, but also because they are important as vehicles for the insertion of desired genes into target cells for scientific investigation and gene therapy.

    A broad range of investigational methods have been exploited in these studies from analyses of protein function, to in vivo studies of viral growth and cell biology. Our overarching goals have been to uncover new information of fundamental importance to both virus and cell biology, and to identify new targets for therapies to treat disease.