Faculty Summaries
Kuang-Yi Wen, PhD
Kuang-Yi Wen, PhD
Assistant Professor
Office Phone: 215-728-7411
Fax: 215-728-3056
Office: P4145, 4th floor of Robert C. Young Pavilion


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Book Chapter

  • Gustafson D, and Wen KY. Implementation Model Development and Testing. In Gustafson D, Brennan P, and Hawkins R. (Eds.). Investing in eHealth: What It Takes to Sustain Consumer Health Informatics. Springer New York. 2007.

Selected Presentations

  • Wen, K.Y., Todd, A., Lazev, A., Sanford, J., Spiro, S., and Miller, S. M. (2010) “What 2 TXT? A Review of the Development Process of Text Messaging Interventions for Disease Management and Health Promotion”. Under review for mHealth Summit. Washington, DC.
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  • Wen, K.Y. (2008) “Measuring Needs of Caregivers of Cancer Patients across the Advanced Cancer Trajectory” The 4th Biennial Cancer Survivorship Research Conference. Atlanta, GA.
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