FCCC Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship 2011

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Eileen Jaffe, PhDProfessor
Program Director

2011 FCCC Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship

Summer Students Discover Mentored Research Experiences

Funding Supplemented by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

With the end of the college academic year Fox Chase gets an annual influx of talented undergraduates for summer research experiences.  This successful program, coordinated by Dr. Eileen Jaffe, invites students to find a Fox Chase mentor and have that mentor nominate the student for a funded summer research fellowship.



Gadsby, Lauren
Penn State University
Jinhua Wu, PhD
Henstenburg, Jeffrey
Rochester Institute of Technology
Joseph Testa, PhD
Martin, Andrew
Messiah College
Hossein Borghaei, DO
McDonald, Caitlin
Fairfield University
Elizabeth Hopper-Borge, PhD
Murdoch, Alex
Penn State University
Jeffrey R. Peterson, PhD
Snyder, Rose
Yeshiva University
Andrew J. Andrews, PhD
Stavrides, Kevin*
Elmira College
Alana O'Reilly, PhD
Trojansky, Lia
Penn State University
Tim J. Yen, PhD
VanHise, Katherine
University of Rochester
Anthony Yeung, PhD
Zaroff, Samantha
Lock Haven University
Margie Clapper, PhD
Zheng, Hui
Temple University
Igor Astsaturov, MD, PhD

*Recipient of Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Ovarian Cancer. Support provided by the Jeanne E. and Robert F. Ozols Fund.