The Lasker Award

Albert Lasker
Clinical Medical Research Award, 1998

Alfred Knudson, Jr., Peter Nowell, and Janet Rowley
For incisive studies in patient-oriented research that paved the way for identifying genetic alterations that cause cancer in humans and that allow for cancer diagnosis in patients at the molecular level

Dr. Alfred G. Knudson received the 1998 Albert Lasker Clinical Research Prize, awarded for the original demonstration that cancer in humans has a genetic basis caused by rearrangements in the chromosomes or mutations in individual genes. Knudson, Peter C. Nowell, MD, of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and Janet D. Rowley, MD, of the University of Chicago shared the award.

The Lasker Awards were first presented in 1946. Often called "America's Nobels," an international jury of top medical researchers annually selects the Lasker Award recipients. The Albert & Mary Lasker Foundation administer the Lasker Awards. The late Mary Lasker is widely recognized for her singular contribution to the growth of the National Institutes of Health, and her commitment to the cause of biomedical research. Read more at »

Press Release, September 1, 1998