2004 Scientific Report

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Scientific Report 2004
Fox Chase Cancer Center
333 Cottman Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19111-2497
ISSN 1040-0303
Library of Congress Serial Number

Cover design: Veronica Levin, BFA
Paul Cohen, BFA
Richard Bomze, BFA
Anna O'Connell, AB
Photographers: Fox Chase Cancer Center:
Paul Cohen, BFA
Joseph Hurley
Thomas Stephano

David DeBalko Photography
Typesetting Software: Adobe® FrameMaker®
Printer: Smith-Edwards-Dunlap Company, Philadelphia, PA

Scientific Report Committee

Anna P O'Connell, AB Scientific Editor
Gerri M Zygmunt Scientific Editorial Associate
Roseanne Brooks Editorial Assistant
Richard Bomze, BFA Supervisor, Graphic Production
Karen Trush, AFA Computer Graphics Artist
Veronica Levin, BFA Computer Graphics Illustrator
Paul Cohen, BFA Photographic Coordinator
Joseph Hurley Science Photographer and Audiovisual Assistant
Thomas Stephano Audiovisual & Graphic Production Assistant
Michael J Sweeney, BS Director, User Services & Software Support
Alexander TW Kohr, BS Mac Systems Administrator
James Toska Mac Support Technician
Michael D Massimino, BA Director, Web Communications and Technology
Frank J Zornick, Jr, BA Web Technician

Scientific Reviewers

Peter D Adams, PhD
Kerry S Campbell, PhD
Joanne F Dorgan, MPH, PhD
Jenny Pickworth Glusker, DPhil, DSc
W Thomas London, MD
Maureen E Murphy, MD
Glenn F Rall, PhD
John M Taylor, PhD
David L Wiest, PhD