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By The Numbers

A Century of Excellence

National rankings, accreditations, awards. The numbers are in your favor.
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Biosample Repository

Biosample Repository

Collection and distribution of human subject biosamples.
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Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

Phase 1 Clinical Trials
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Faculty Summaries

Industrial collaborations with researchers at Fox Chase provide a myriad of benefits for both partners. Technology licensing fulfills our obligation to make scientific discoveries available for the public good while generating income for our research, educational, and cancer treatment programs. A company gains the opportunity to interact with Fox Chase's world class scientists and clinicians while reducing its internal costs of research and development. Fox Chase offers several avenues for collaborating with industrial partners to develop our technologies.

For further information, or to pursue a dialog about partnering with Fox Chase, please contact Kurt Schwinghammer, Inna Khartchenko, or  Sayanti Saha.

These are grants or contracts from a company that sponsors research at Fox Chase. These can be for specific projects in one laboratory (e.g. to investigate the role of a gene in cell growth), or for multi-disciplinary endeavors such as genomics and bioinformatics. Sponsored research represents a commitment by both parties to promote investigations in a particular area, and often result in proprietary positions.

For further information about Sponsored Research, please contact Marianne Weyhmuller.

Technology Licensing

Licenses granting a company the right to "make, use, and sell" products in a particular field based on the licensed technology. Equitable terms are negotiated between the company and Office of Corporate Alliances which ensure that a given technology is aggressively developed into a product that benefits the public. At the same time, the financial rewards reaped by the Center are used to promote further research and education. The company benefits by reducing its R&D costs, ameliorating the risk associated with R&D, and gaining the exclusivity needed to bring a product to market and make a profit. Current List

For further information, please contact Inna Khartchenko or  Sayanti Saha.

Commercial Evaluation/Option Agreements

In some instances, a technology may be so embryonic that a company may wish to evaluate the commercial feasibility for a period of time. We can provide that opportunity under an option agreement that allows the company to assess the commercial potential and decide whether they want to license the technology.

For further information, please contact Inna Khartchenko or  Sayanti Saha.

Clinical Trials

The Fox Chase Cancer Center and Fox Chase Cancer Center Partners offer many opportunities for clinical research related to cancer. Fox Chase has approximately 225 trials underway at any given time, giving its patients access to the latest promising drugs.  Each year, our investigators enroll approximately 600 patients to clinical trials, one third of which are early Phase I-II trials. The robust infrastructure of resources includes a dedicated and centralized Protocol Management Office consisting of regulatory, quality assurance, and clinical research staff, a Protocol Support Lab, and an investigational pharmacy. This infrastructure ensures appropriate patient selection, adherence to protocol requirements, and quality data collection and dissemination, while providing state-of-the art care to study participants with cancer. Further, associates work in the new outpatient Clinical Research Unit, closely monitoring patients on phase I studies. Regulatory Coordinators and Quality Assessment Experts provide support ensuring that studies are conducted in an ethical manner and that adverse event reporting is timely and accurate. Fox Chase contracts personnel provide timely negotiations and approvals of budgets. The appropriate collection and handling of samples is critical for pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic assessments. Our unique Protocol Support Laboratory ensures accurate collection and processing of biospecimens, greatly facilitating appropriate analysis and interpretation of Phase I clinical data. As an example of its diverse capabilities, the laboratory staff can perform immunological analysis on many of the immunology-based clinical trials, and can also design immunologic assays to address the scientific objectives of such trials. Lastly, the investigational pharmacist and his experienced staff ensure the proper storage, handling, accountability, preparation, dispensing and disposition of investigational agents.

Approximately one third of our studies are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies, one third are Fox Chase investigator initiated, and one third are sponsored by national cooperative groups such as the Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (ECOG), Gynecologic Oncology Group (GOG), and Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG). Major primary sites include gastrointestinal, lung, breast, and gynecologic.

For further information about clinical trials at Fox Chase, please contact James Thompson or Dr. Margaret von Mehren.

Material Transfer Agreements

Exchange of research materials (cell lines, clones, et cetera) promotes collaboration between scientists in both academia and industry. Material transfer agreements define and protect the rights of both parties with respect to the transferred materials.

MTA's for materials coming into or going out from Fox Chase are reviewed and negotiated by the Office of Corporate Alliances to ensure that they conform with Fox Chase intellectual property and research policies. Companies interested in either supplying or receiving materials from Fox Chase staff members should contact our office to coordinate the exchange. Academic material transfers are also coordinated by our office. We are committed to expediting these agreements for our researchers with as little "red tape" as possible.

For further information about material transfer agreements or academic transfer agreements, please contact Marianne Weyhmuller.

Printed Material and Software Licensing

Fox Chase has many educational materials pertaining to all aspects of cancer detection, care and treatment available for copyright licensing. In addition, we have developed software for use in clinical data management and other areas. Please contact our office for more information.

For further information, please contact Marianne Weyhmuller.

Trademark Licensing

Various techniques and devices have been developed at the Fox Chase Cancer Center. The Fox Chase name can be a valuable asset in marketing products associated with these techniques.

For further information, please  contact Kurt Schwinghammer or Inna Khartchenko.

Start-up Opportunities

Fox Chase technologies by themselves or grouped with other technologies can provide the critical mass needed to start new businesses. Start-ups foster economic development in the community, bring a technology to market more quickly, increase the value of a technology by financing further development, and aid basic research. Start-ups require an enormous investment of management time, as well as substantial scientific, financial, and administrative efforts. Thus, the investment of time and effort in developing a new business must be weighed against the potential for commercial success versus other avenues.

Fox Chase is poised to work with potential partners to form new businesses around a platform technology or group of technologies. Our past efforts in this realm have been successful, and we are enthusiastic about this mode of transferring technology to the marketplace.

For further information about Start-up Opportunities, please contact  Kurt Schwinghammer, Inna Khartchenko, or  Sayanti Saha.

Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research Policy

Financial Conflict of Interest in Research (230) (PDF, requires Adobe Acrobat®)