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Fox Chase Cancer Center
Research and Technology Symposium

The Office of Corporate Alliances (formerly the Office of Business Development) at the Fox Chase Cancer Center held its inaugural Research and Technology Symposium on Tuesday, May 20, 2008, at The Academy of Natural Sciences, 1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia.

During the Symposium, researchers provided an overview of Fox Chase's broad array of nationally competitive basic, translational, and clinical research, including its special programs in cancer prevention, detection and treatment.

Research topics presented during the Symposium included:

  • changes in cell signaling that occur as tumors progress to metastasis and drug resistance;
  • exploitation of engineered antibody fragments to detect and treat solid tumors;
  • characterization of the genetic changes in cancer cells
  • the biological importance of Rho proteins signaling pathways
  • and more. See a complete list of the research topics discussed.

Along with the research projects mentioned below, a poster session during the lunch hour displayed technologies (e.g., molecular diagnostics, therapeutics, vaccines, devices, and research tools) available for licensing.

Review slide presentations from the inaugural
Research and Technology Symposium



8:00-8:45Breakfast and Registration 
8:45-8:50Kurt Schwinghammer, PhD, Assistant Vice President, Office of Corporate Alliances:
Introduction to the Day
8:50-9:00J. Robert Beck, MD, Chief Academic Officer; Office of the President: Welcoming Remarks 
9:00-9:20Kerry Campbell, PhD: A Genetically-modified NK Cell Line Expressing the Fc Receptor, CD16, for Use in ADCC AssaysPDF
9:20-9:40Erica Golemis, PhD: Informatics-guided Screening Approaches to Improving Cancer TherapyPDF
9:40-10:00Denise Connolly, PhD: Using Mouse Models to Study Ovarian Tumor BiologyPDF
10:00-10:20Glenn Rall, PhD: Double Trouble: How Concomitant Immune Challenges can Result in Neurological DiseasePDF
10:20-10:40Coffee Break 
10:40-11:00Annette Tobia, PhD, JD; Founder & CEO: Dynamis Therapeutics: A Fox Chase Start-up Focused on New Drugs to Treat Chronic Inflammatory DiseasePDF
11:00-11:20Roland Dunbrack, PhD: Methods for Protein Structure PredictionPDF
11:20-11:40Gregory Adams, PhD: Engineered Antibody-based Molecules for the Treatment of Ovarian CancerPDF
11:40-12:00Jonathan Chernoff, MD, PhD: P21-activated Kinases: New Targets in Cancer TherapeuticsPDF
12:00-12:20Jeffrey Peterson, PhD: Chemical Genetic Approaches to Inhibitor DiscoveryPDF
12:20-1:40Lunch and Poster Presentation — For a List of Featured Posters and Technologies 
1:40-2:00Elizabeth Henske, MD: Tuberous Sclerosis Research: Unlocking the Pathogenesis of Cancer, Autism, and MorePDF
2:00-2:20David Wiest, PhD: Exploration of the Prognostic Value of Rpl22 Mutations in T-acute Lymphoblastic LeukemiaPDF
2:20-2:40Margie Clapper, PhD: Strategies for the Early Detection and Prevention of Cancer in Mouse ModelsPDF
2:40-3:00Kenneth Zaret, PhD: From Science to Stem Cell Therapeutics: Opportunities for Licensing and CollaborationPDF
3:00-3:15Coffee Break 
3:20-3:40Alfonso Bellacosa, MD, PhD: Markers for Early Diagnosis and Prevention of CancerPDF
3:40-4:00Luis J. Sigal, DVM, PhD: A Novel Concept for Antiviral Vaccines and TherapiesPDF
4:00-4:20Nancy Lewis, MD: Fox Chase Phase I Clinical Trial Program: An OverviewPDF