American Russian Cancer Alliance (ARCA)

Public Health

From left to right:
Paul F. Engstrom, Mitchell Zeller, Sophia L. Michaelson, Nikolay F. Gerasimenko, Joe B. Harford, Somansundaram Subramanina. 2nd Anti-Tobacco Health Forum, (May 2009).

ARCA collaborates with the NCI Office of International Affairs to support public health policies which has led to a major impact on pubic health policies in Russia. The NCI Office of International Affairs works in unison with Russian Duma ARCA to implement public laws that reduce tobacco use throughout Russia.

As a result of ARCA and NCI activities with members of the Russian Parliament (DUMA), key Russian scientific leaders and other national leaders, Russia ratified the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control in April 2008. This landmark event has launched a number of changes in tobacco sales regulations, public use laws of tobacco and significant restrictions of advertising of tobacco products.

2nd ARCA/NCI/Russian State Duma Forum "Health or Tobacco
Left to Right: John R. Beyrle, Ambassador of the U.S.A. to the Russian Federatio, Sophia L. Michaelson, Executive Director, ARCA, Joe B. Harford, Director, Office of International Affairs, NCI/NIH. (May 2009)

A more recent form of our joint cooperation was the launching of a Healthy Lifestyle Summit that covered many health related topics. In June of 2010, the First International Healthy Lifestyle Forum was conducted in the Tatarstan Region of Russia. This event was organized by Tatarstan Ministry of Health, World Health Organization, National Cancer Institute and American Russian Cancer Alliance. This event was created to focus on the elements of living a healthy lifestyle and educate our scientist and clinicians on new approaches to cancer prevention and screeing. These international endeavours are extremely valuable for the already improving Russian-United States relations.

3rd Annual Health/Tobacco Forum (PDF)
To continue the momentum in this area of public health, the third anti-tobacco forum will be held in May, 2011 in Ekaterinburg, Russia. For more information, click here.