Researcher Stories

Researcher Stories is a collection of stories from members of the Fox Chase Cancer Center research community. Researchers at Fox Chase investigate problems that range from understanding the fundamental mechanisms of biomolecular reactions all the way to the treatment of neoplastic diseases in the clinic. This series will give you a closer look into the lives of some of the individuals that make it all happen.


Siddharth Balachandran, Assistant Professor


  • "What do the sentinel proteins within a cell do to raise an alarm? How do they go around saying, "We've been infected, now save yourselves!" Read More »

JoEllen Weaver, Chief Technician


  • "The size of Fox Chase truly allows for seamless interactions between the research and clinician world." Read More »

Andres Klein-Szanto, Professor


  • "I would say, in my 25 years at Fox Chase Cancer Center, I tried to become more focused on understanding the mechanisms of cancer." Read More »

Amanda Purdy, Postdoctoral Associate


  • "I walk through the hospital here at Fox Chase and see the progression of my research translating to actual medicine, seeing people affected by it on a daily basis. It's definitely an inspiration." Read More »

Tatiana Karakasheva, Visiting Scientist


  • "I work very closely with clinical researchers here at Fox Chase. When I need a clinician's perspective, for example, Dr. Borghaei's laboratory is just next to mine and I can just go and ask." Read More »