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By The Numbers

A Century of Excellence

National rankings, accreditations, awards. The numbers are in your favor.
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NCI-Designated Comprehensive Cancer Center


Fox Chase Cancer Center is one of only 41 NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers in the country.
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Fox Chase Proud

The Fox Chase community is made of special people—scientists, clinicians, nurses, volunteers, donors—all bringing their unique talents and energies to bear on the best care for our patients. Spend 6.5 minutes hearing from representatives from each of these groups talking about what makes them proud to be part of Fox Chase. Enjoy “Fox Chase Proud”! (6 min. 30 sec.)

Philosophy of Care

Our Mission:
To prevail over cancer, marshaling heart and mind in bold scientific discovery, pioneering prevention, and compassionate care

Devoted Entirely to Cancer Care

As one of the few hospitals in the country devoted entirely to cancer care, adhering to this philosophy is extremely important to our success. With direct access to our team of expert medical, surgical and radiation oncologists, our patients are given the best treatment options. This team collaborates on each case to provide personal, tailored care throughout the treatment process.

Cancer Education, Research and Prevention

In addition to treatment, we believe in providing cancer education, research and prevention. Our physicians like to educate their patients so that they can make informed treatment decisions. 

Clinical Trials

Through clinical trials, Fox Chase provides treatments not yet available elsewhere. 


In addition to improving the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, we hope to eventually prevent it. Our prevention-related services are designed for people with increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer, gastrointestinal cancers, melanoma and prostate cancer.

Survivor Clinics

When patients complete treatment at Fox Chase, our relationship with them does not end there. Survivor Clinics are designed to:

  • Address the unique health care needs of cancer survivors, who are living longer and better lives.
  • Maximize each patient's quality of life.
  • Provide wellness education and screening.
  • Give patients a care plan to help coordinate their care with their other health care providers.
  • Illustrate Fox Chase's commitment to the health of patients who have completed therapy.

Compassionate Palliative Care

While finding a cure is our ultimate goal for each patient, it is not always possible. In these cases, our staff is committed to providing palliative care to patients who are terminally ill to make their final days as comfortable as possible.

Patient Safety at Fox Chase

Fox Chase is committed to fostering a culture of safety — for our patients, their families and our staff members. We work in a variety of ways to improve patient safety so we can deliver safe and high-quality patient care. We also work closely with national and local regulatory agencies on all aspects of patient safety.

Fox Chase adheres to the National Patient Safety Goals updated annually by The Joint Commission. The Joint Commission's goals are established to encourage health care organizations across the country to take precautions that ensure patients have a healthy and safe experience. Ensuring the health and safety of patients is our top priority. Our goal is to reduce preventable medical mistakes and improve the quality of care our patients receive.

ANCC Magnet® Designation

Honored for Nursing Excellence

Magnet status means recogized excellence in nursingIn September 2000, the Hospital of Fox Chase Cancer Center became the nation's first comprehensive cancer center and Pennsylvania's first hospital to receive ANCC Magnet® designation  for nursing excellence from the American Nurses Credentialing Center, which renewed this honor in 2004, 2009, and again in 2013, making it the first hospital in Pennsylvania to have achieved two successful Magnet renewals.