Fox Chase Cancer Center Senior Leadership

Richard I. Fisher, MD, Named President and CEO of Fox Chase Cancer Center

Since his arrival Fisher has demonstrated adroit and sure-handed leadership and administrative ability, working closely with leaders at Fox Chase and across Temple Health.
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By The Numbers

A Century of Excellence

National rankings, accreditations, awards. The numbers are in your favor.
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Philosophy of Care

Philosophy of Care

Hearts Plus Minds, our team work is a philosophy.
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Executive Team

Fox Chase's skilled physicians, nurses, and researchers need an equally skilled organization behind them. The Center has brought together some of the best executive talent in the medical community. More

Medical Leadership

Direct access to our team of expert medical, surgical and radiation oncologists, gives our patients the best treatment options. This team collaborates on each case to provide personal, tailored care throughout the treatment process. More

Scientific Leadership

Whether it's technology, a new surgical procedure or an improved chemotherapy option, our treatments are based on years of research. At Fox Chase, research takes place with an unusually high degree of interaction between our basic researchers and our doctors. For this reason, we're able to bring laboratory discoveries to the forefront of patient care. More

External Advisory Board

Fox Chase Cancer Center's External Advisory Board (EAB) is comprised of nationally and internationally recognized leaders in the cancer field who provide invaluable scientific and strategic guidance with regards to strategic planning for the Center’s clinical and research programs. More