Jessie Schol, RN, BSN, OCN

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Jessie Schol, RN, BSN, OCN

Jessie Schol, RN, BSN, OCN

Independent Nurse Navigator
(Unknown Primary Cancer)

Our family experienced nursing at its finest when our youngest daughter was born two months early. Not only did they care for her they also cared for and about our entire family, advocating for us, and educating us regarding the care a tiny child would need. It was at that time I decided I wanted to pursue a career in nursing. So with the support of my husband and daughters I went back to school.

In 1988 I joined the staff here as a nurse extern working on 3 North which was a medical/surgical floor. After graduation and a brief stint at another institution I came back to FCCC as a staff nurse on One South which at the time was a clinical trials unit. It was in this position that I learned the value of collaborative practice with multiple disciplines, the joy of patient education, the value a nurse brings to the patient experience, and the need for nurses to be strong patient advocates. On One South I treated patients enrolled on Phase I clinical trials. I left that position after five years to work per diem in the Home Infusion department at FCCC.

My experience on One South and Home Infusion laid the foundation for my next full time position which was that of a protocol coordinator in the Protocol Management Office. On One South I administered the investigation agents. In my new position I monitored the conduct of the clinical trials assuring the validity of the data, I coordinated the patient’s care, arranged their schedules, and was available to answer questions and concerns from patients, their families, and the sponsoring agency. Over the course of eight years I coordinated trials in GYN oncology, Phase I studies, and thoracic oncology trials.

After eight years it was again time for a change and  fortunately I found it right here at FCCC. I transferred from the Protocol Management Office to the outpatient department. I had the privilege of working with the pulmonary team and breast medical oncology. As with the prior positions I worked collaboratively with multiple disciplines to provide quality, appropriate care to the patients and their families. It was during these years that I completed my BSN at LaSalle University, again with the support of my family.

Fortunately for me FCCC has numerous opportunities for nurses and when presented with the opportunity to be a nurse navigator I again made a change. I started as a Breast Nurse Navigator. The navigator role encompasses the two areas of nursing that I love most; patient education and advocacy. After five years supporting the breast team I am now an Independent Nurse Navigator covering a variety of disease sites. This role presents an another chance to grow professionally, learn new concepts and diseases processes, and continue to interact with a variety of patients.

I do not practice alone but am surrounded with supportive, intelligent members of the FCCC community on whom I depend. It is with their support that I am able to be available to the patients as a resource, a compassionate listener, and an advocate for their needs.